Exercise is not supposed to be fun
He was clutching his knees and his breath still hadn't returned to normal. But he managed to look up and say to me, "That was absolutely brutal...like...the most awful thing I've ever done....Continue
Understanding fitness plateaus and how to get moving again
Exercise and fitness plateaus can be frustrating. But understanding the root cause of how the body adapts to exercise is the first step to getting back on track....Continue
Training update: Another brick laid
This week wraps up four weeks of very consistent training since my two-week break after the race. Overall, I'm very pleased with the rhythm I've found. Cycling has been a great way to break up...Continue
The weekly preparation questions
A successful week of training depends on more than just the willingness to work. The training session is the easy part. It's all of the things that allow that training session to take place that...Continue
Taking stock of progress
Over the past few weeks it's been nice to train without the looming presence of a race. It's allowed me to relax into a more natural rhythm and respond to my body's signals, rather than...Continue
Training update: A step back
If there's one thing I've learned from a summer of running, it's that you can't force fitness. You can force your behaviours, but fitness has to happen on its own. On July 23rd, I ran...Continue
Low-intensity training for high-intensity sports
Originally published at Breaking muscle. High intensity training gets all the love. And for good reason—it’s tough, it’s time efficient, and it works. Low intensity training is a less appreciated form of...Continue
Why early sport specialization doesn't work
Early specialization is a hot trend in youth sport. But despite evidence that it's not working, many people still don't know why it fails....Continue
I, too, suck.
I want to be clear, I'm not saying that chocolate cake is bad, or that we shouldn't enjoy some of life's pleasures from time to time. I'm talking about when I'm faced with a decision...Continue
Why exercising every day is easier (and smarter) than you think
Last October, I made the decision to run every single day for 137 days in a row. While it was far from a Guinness record, that, for me, was a serious challenge given that I've...Continue