No more.

Tired of mailing it in and going no-where.

Truth is, my fitness has been regressing. 5 pounds of weight gain over the winter and no real performance boost to speak of.

If there's anything this little experiment has taught me, is that you will always rise to the level of your expectations and fall to the level of your training.

I expected to run every day. I've done that. But I haven't run hard or long enough to actually improve. That doesn't sit well with me.

So it's time to up the stakes.

I signed up for 2 races today. One is a 13km trail race in June, the second...I'll get into later. But it's big.

Time to fucking train.

MAF TEST (3 mile timed run)
Time of day: 8:00am
Weather: 9C, Rain, wind
Pre-nutrition: 500ml water, 2 cup coffee (1-2 hrs before)
Bodyweight: 206
Sleep: 8 hours (good quality)
Target HR: 143 - 147

1 lap at HR in 120s
1 lap at HR in 130s

Mile 1: 14:14
Mile 2: 15:31
Mile 3: 16:11

Avg pace: 9:35 min/km