My goal is to run for 137 days in a row.

I'm not doing this as some sort of extreme physical's not. I'm not doing this to get really good at running...I won't.

I'm doing this to acquire the habit, and a level of comfort with running--something that's always eluded me.

To accomplish this, I'm going to use a little public accountability and the power of financial consequence.

You can read a little more about my story here. But in short, I've always hated running so I never did it. In truth, I've always avoided running because I'm awful at it.

This experiment is all about getting comfortable with something that has been has been a major source of discomfort and embarrassment for as long as I can recall.

And if I fail, a sizeable financial donation will be given to someone that I really don't think deserves a sizeable financial donation.

Here are the guidelines

1. Starting November 5th, 2016 and ending on March 22nd, 2017, I will engage in at least 15 minutes of continuous running every single day for 137 days in a row.

2. I will run at an intensity that keeps my heart rate at an average of 137 beats per minute. More on that later.

3. I will not listen to music or any other form of entertainment while I run. Again, more on that later.

4. I will not run indoors or on a treadmill. Winter is coming so this should get interesting.

5. I will only miss a day if I feel it seriously threatens my health in any way--either due to unforseen injury or illness.

6. If I am forced to miss a day due to injury or illness, the experiment will be pushed back for as many days as I am required to rest.

Here are the stakes

If I fail to meet the above guidelines in any way, I publicly pledge to mail a cheque for $500 to Kanye West.

The cheque is written, signed, tucked in a pre-addressed envelope and is sitting in my desk drawer as a physical reminder of this promise. Upon successfully completing all 137 days, I will tear it up.

I ain't hatin' on the Yeezus. I still bob my head to Gold Digger as much as the next guy. But I think we can all agree that despite his recent claims of financial hardship, Kanye's probably got his AT&T bill covered next month.

That's if for now. Details, explanations, and updates to follow.