Although I usually log my thoughts after long runs, I'm going to start publishing them on the blog on the off chance that anyone finds them interesting.

My weekly long run is the highlight of my training week. It's not only the toughest workout in my schedule, it's also the most specific to the event I'm training for. Although I don't plan on ever doing a 50-mile or 12-hour long run, I do plan on coming as close as I reasonably can to it.

The goal is simple: to endure more time on the feet, to gradually expose my body to more and miles and to rehearse, to a degree, some of the challenges that I'll have to overcome on race day. It's a opportunity to practice my nutrition, my hydration, and to experiment with the gear I plan on using.

Not only do these workouts help my aerobic capacity and muscular endurance, but more importantly, they are an opportunity to overcome the mental challenges that come from being out there on the trails for hours and hours in total solitude. It wasn't long ago that going for a 90-minute run was a serious challenge in mental focus. Now, 90-minutes is when I start to find my rhythm. I need to keep expanding this limit if I have any hope of making it 12-hours without going completely insane.

It's going to be so important that I expose not only my body, but my mind, to the rigors of the event. Although surprises and unexpected challenges are sure to come up on race day, there's no excuse for not being as prepared as I can possibly be to meet the demands and obstacles of the race.

Although my long-runs are on mostly flat trails right now, I plan on seeking out some more technical terrain as the event date gets closer, in order to simulate race conditions even more. But it's still early, right now the name of the game is time and health. If I can endure longer, without injuring myself, I'll be happy.



Endurance workout. Primary goal is to just stay on the feet as long as possible while maintaining low HR, keeping run form high quality, and mind engaged the entire time.


April 29, 2017




7 h, 7/10 quality


9 deg, cloudy


Weekly Word (Chris Hauth), Hardcore History, Training playlist


Ran from home to Blair trail head (5.3k), back to car park (2k) and back (2k) four times, and then back home (5.3k).


Distance: 26.6km
Time: 3:40
Avg pace: 8:24 min/km
Avg HR: 138bpm


BBQ, Corn bread, fries, 1 beer, 1 wine. I let myself get too hungry late in the day and ate way too much. I knew it as soon as I finished.


2 cups coffee, 1L water


1L water
1 home-made bar (honey, oats, peanut butter, coconut oil, flax, sesame seeds)


I'm going to divide my recap into three segments, as I noticed a few shifts throughout the workout.


HR was significantly lower than normal. Spent the first 20 minutes in the 120s and then kept it easily in the low 130s for the remainder of the time. Pace was similar to previous runs. Legs felt very heavy and stiff, though. Suspect that wasn't fully recovered from Thursdays higher intensity (and double) workout. Last nights nutrition probably didn't help, although it didn't hinder as much as I as worried. Still felt like I had a basketball in my gut though. Lesson learned.


HR crept up to upper 130s and stayed there for most of it. On the few times I hit 140, I slowed to a walk until it got to 130, then began to run. Was important that this run felt easy. Pace was held steady for most of this period. The heaviness in the legs went away by this point.


HR now quickly getting into the low 140s. From about 2.5 until the end, I ran/walked while keeping a 130-142 range. As soon as I got above 142, I walked until it hit 130 then ran as relaxed and easy as possible until it hit 142. Then repeated. I didn't time it, but it felt like about a 1:1 walk to rest ratio. Was very happy in the third hour that when it was time to run, I could really run. MSK-wise, I felt good. Wasn't breaking down or suffering too much.

Because I felt good but my heart rate was so high, I suspect this might have been partly due to lack of hydration.


Left extensor digitorum longus tendon still very tender. Rolled gave it some SRM and that provided some relief. Other than that I felt fine aside from some general fatigue. Hunger wasn't that abnormally high.


Really happy with this run, especially since I really screwed up my eating last night. I was surprised at the low heart rate and was determined to keep it in the 130s for the majority of the run. I'm taking this as a good sign of progress. I had set out to only do 14 miles today, but I want to keep pushing the time envelope so I continued to keep going, but gave myself total permission to walk. I just let the ego go and keep it easy. I'm glad I did.

Hydration was bad. 1 litre for 3.75 hours is not enough. Got VERY thirsty with about an hour left to go.

The bar I ate was good, but it's hard to tell if it helped or was necessary. I was honestly still so full from the night before when I started my run. I think I was just bored and wanted to munch on something.


Bring more water. Might have to stash some water trail side that I can fill since there aren't any water sources on this route.

Better nutrition the night before. Try experimenting with a vegetarian meal since the meat wasn't really agreeing with me.

Try Superfeet insoles to see if that helps with next-day foot soreness. This was only my second run with my new Altras, although they're great, they don't have insoles I normally wear and am wondering if it's causing my collapsed arch to be an issue.