Topic: Habit building

Exercise is not supposed to be fun
He was clutching his knees and his breath still hadn't returned to normal. But he managed to look up and say to me, "That was absolutely most awful thing I've ever done....Continue
I, too, suck.
I want to be clear, I'm not saying that chocolate cake is bad, or that we shouldn't enjoy some of life's pleasures from time to time. I'm talking about when I'm faced with a decision...Continue
Why exercising every day is easier (and smarter) than you think
Last October, I made the decision to run every single day for 137 days in a row. While it was far from a Guinness record, that, for me, was a serious challenge given that I've...Continue
Momentum, momentum, momentum
Training is a lot like steering an oil tanker--or so I would imagine. Forward progress starts so slowly, you can barely detect it. Coming to a stop feels like forever. The power of a ship...Continue
18 different 10-minute workouts (beginner to advanced) that require no equipment
As the great Ronnie Coleman once said, "Ain't nothin to it but to do it." It astonishes me how many people give up on training for the day, just because they don't have time to...Continue
Cheat meals are a bad, bad idea
It’s like a weekend pass from nutritional prison--where you’re free to eat whatever (and as much as) you like before heading back to the confines of egg whites and salads. It's the cheat...Continue
I want to the be the type of person who...
She was about 100 pounds overweight. Unhappy with herself, but willing to give exercise a try. Again. I’ll never forget as she was leaving her first workout, exhausted and face flush she said: "I...Continue
Why you didn't train today: A cost-benefit analysis of a workout
I woke up in a bad mood yesterday, and I have no idea why. I can't really pin down which particular emotion I was feeling the most. It wasn't anger or sadness. I just had...Continue
The myth of motivation (and what to do about it)
"You sure picked a bad time of year to do this running thing." I've heard this many times over the past few months. And not without reason--who the hell starts a daily running challenge in...Continue