Topic: Quick thoughts

The weekly preparation questions
A successful week of training depends on more than just the willingness to work. The training session is the easy part. It's all of the things that allow that training session to take place that...Continue
Taking stock of progress
Over the past few weeks it's been nice to train without the looming presence of a race. It's allowed me to relax into a more natural rhythm and respond to my body's signals, rather than...Continue
Momentum, momentum, momentum
Training is a lot like steering an oil tanker--or so I would imagine. Forward progress starts so slowly, you can barely detect it. Coming to a stop feels like forever. The power of a ship...Continue
I wasn't good enough
It wasn’t the coaching. It wasn’t the ref. It wasn’t because my skates were too dull. It wasn’t because I made the wrong choices. It wasn’t because I didn’t...Continue
What is High Performance? (13 examples)
High performance... It's got a catchy ring, doesn't it? Admittedly, 'High Performance' is a bit of a buzzword these days. We're not the only program to adopt the term as part of our branding. It's...Continue