Topic: Running

Knowing when to back off
It's November. After an unusually warm October, colder weather has finally settled in, which has brought on a welcomed break from training in the heat. It's been 12 weeks since I first started ramping back...Continue
Taking stock of progress
Over the past few weeks it's been nice to train without the looming presence of a race. It's allowed me to relax into a more natural rhythm and respond to my body's signals, rather than...Continue
Training update: A step back
If there's one thing I've learned from a summer of running, it's that you can't force fitness. You can force your behaviours, but fitness has to happen on its own. On July 23rd, I ran...Continue
Learning when to ignore the pain, and when to listen to it
Training is a balloon bouncing on the end of your fingertip. Fail to tap it often or hard enough and it falls to the ground. Hit it too hard and it goes flying away like...Continue
How to love running
I've hated it my entire life. It hurt. It was pointless. It was did nothing more but damage the body and create suffering. Running was bad. And then a year ago, I thought, "what if...Continue
Long run recap: Apr 29, 2017
Although I usually log my thoughts after long runs, I'm going to start publishing them on the blog on the off chance that anyone finds them interesting. My weekly long run is the highlight of...Continue
Training update: Simple lessons learned (and re-learned)
Seven weeks in to training for my 50-miler. Overall, things are good. I'm building volume and am able to handle (and recover from) longer and longer runs, my speed is increasing, and I'm losing bodyweight....Continue
Training update: Building volume
I'm three weeks in to structured training and have found a good rhythm, so figured I'd post an update on where my head is at from a training perspective. The three highest priorities for me...Continue
A new challenge: Ultramarathon
2008 I picked up Christopher McDougall's book Born to Run more for its sport science content than my interest in running. It examined the history the athletic shoe industry and cited over-built shoes--engineered more for...Continue