Topic: The 137 challenge

Day 137. Done.
75 minutes. The 137-day challenge has come to an end. Here are some thoughts and conclusions I'm walking away with. 1. It worked The goal was to acquire a certain level of comfort with running....Continue
Day 136. Spring
80 minutes. First day of Spring. For the last time. F* you winter. I ran your ass over this year....Continue
Day 135. Bricks
15 minutes. Legs weren't sore. But didn't work all that well....Continue
Day 134. Treadin trodden trails
146 minutes. 14.4km. Slow? Yes. But good. Today was successful. The goal was time. Time on the feet. Quality form and cadence. Steady heart rate. Speed will come. The legs were deeply sore and...Continue
Day 133. Recovery run
15 minutes. Long one planned for tomorrow. Going to do some mobility work later on and then rest up....Continue
Day 132. Crunch
72 minutes. One of my better days I've had in a while. Cold. But still winds and sunny skies. I'm not sure of my pace, but it felt quicker than usual. I felt fresh and...Continue
Day 131. Seriously...F*** you winter
-11C. Wind. And sweat. 45 minutes. Today was not comfortable. Today there was no peaceful, serene rhythm of movement. Today there was no God damn flow state. But that's something I'm going to have to...Continue
Day 130 (really)
15 minutes. Just came to my attention that I mislabeled one of my pictures. I jumped from 105 to 107...back on track now....Continue
Day 130. Snow
62 minutes. This one hurt the feet and legs a little more. Tomorrow will be a short one....Continue
Day 129. Recovery not needed
75 minutes. Run in the woods today and felt great. No camera on the run so here's a selfie of me doing one of my other favorite things....Continue