Topic: The 137 challenge

Day 128. Long run
112 minutes. I've only gone this distance a few times. This was the best I've felt. Two hours may not be anything special in the running world, but to be able to say I can...Continue
Day 127. Birthday run
15 minutes. Brought in 33 with a nice, easy, and well-deserved minimum after three days of hour-long runs. Here's to another lap around the sun....Continue
Day 126. Train
56 minutes. Get it?...Continue
Day 125. An hour in the sun
55 minutes. The weather cooperated and it felt great to hit the trail with a little sunshine....Continue
Day 124. Things. Change. Today.
No more. Tired of mailing it in and going no-where. Truth is, my fitness has been regressing. 5 pounds of weight gain over the winter and no real performance boost to speak of. If there's...Continue
Day 123. A well-earned minimum
15 minutes....Continue
Day 122. Hespeler road run
51 minutes. From bottom to top. Felt....not as bad as I feared. Actually, despite the cold and the wind, felt great to get into a groove for once....Continue
Day 121. Blacka-whita-balaclava
16 minutes....Continue
Day 120. Sunny minimum
15 minutes. Can't even find the time to do a good run when the sun's out? What's up with you dude? I hate this....Continue
Day 119. Balaclava time
17 minutes....Continue