Topic: Training philosophy

Understanding fitness plateaus and how to get moving again
Exercise and fitness plateaus can be frustrating. But understanding the root cause of how the body adapts to exercise is the first step to getting back on track....Continue
The weekly preparation questions
A successful week of training depends on more than just the willingness to work. The training session is the easy part. It's all of the things that allow that training session to take place that...Continue
4 benefits of strength and conditioning that you never thought about
The primary reason athletes train is to enhance their sport performance. When people think of how that increase in performance takes place, their mind usually goes to topics of physical fitness, like being strong, fast,...Continue
Why too much sport-specific training is the worst thing an athlete can do
"Why are we jogging for an entire hour?," he asked with a suspicious look on his face. I couldn't blame him for asking. Being a hockey player, he wants to get faster and more explosive....Continue
How the White Stripes influenced my training philosophy
Jack created a band in a most unusual way. To start, it was minimalist in structure: vocals, guitar, and drums were the only musical ingredients permitted. He intentionally recruited a drummer (his wife Meg) who...Continue
4 ways to get your mind right for training
As coaches, we often give similar programs out to similar people, only to see completely different results and clients who walk away with totally different experiences. While there are certainly genetic factors that play into...Continue
How Einstein changed my training philosophy
"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein It’s easy to over complicate things and get seduced by the idea that “different” means “better.” I think at times, getting lost...Continue
Consistency isn't enough: 3 different things fit people do
"What kinds of weight loss results can I expect in six months?" I was asked this by a brand new client the other day. It's a difficult question to answer, but it is a fair...Continue
The 7 deadly training sins beginners constantly make
There are a ton of misplaced training concepts that I wish some people would just let go of. It's not that these ideas are necessarily wrong or bad, they're just not the most useful things...Continue
Why you didn't train today: A cost-benefit analysis of a workout
I woke up in a bad mood yesterday, and I have no idea why. I can't really pin down which particular emotion I was feeling the most. It wasn't anger or sadness. I just had...Continue